Alec Tolivaisa (alec1115) wrote in espn6,
Alec Tolivaisa


He was at Holy Cross tonight, which is in the same city where I go to school (Worcester).

Anyway, the Sports' Guy is funnier in real life than in print.  He gave a speech about college life (which was actually very good) took some question.  I got to ask him "What person have you be 'star-sturck' from, like Charlie Murphy went he saw Rick James?"  Anyway, he said "Luke Perry, because he's 6 inches shorter than and after the show (the Jimmy Kimmel show) I convince him to replicate Dylon's performance when he found out his dad was blown up and he really got into it."

Anyway, unfortunaley he feels that the Yanks are goin to the World Series this year against...THE ASTROS (he's convinced that Clemens' is goin to be this World Series hero for Houston).

Well, after he fielded questions, we did some book signings and I was one of the first.  On the book, they made you put a post-it on the front of your book just so it could easier for the Sports' Guy to personalize it, so I wrote on my post-it "Alec Tolivaisa aka CHEST ROCKWELL".  He liked it and wrote "To ALEC AKA CHEST ROCKWELL...KEEP ON ROCKIN AND ROLLIN', Bill Simmons". 

The Sports Guy is one cool guy.
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