the jdg (the_jdg) wrote in espn6,
the jdg

a couple things...

1. what was the deal with the ChiSox and Journey? Dan Patrick talked about this like every day during the playoffs. if ineed, as Patrick insinuated, AJ Psjkfsjfslski got drunk at some bar and yelled "PLAY SOME FUCKIN' JOURNEY!", followed by the female singer-led band playing "Don't Stop Believing," he's easily my favorite baseball player ever. That's cooler than Keith Hernandez doing lines off the dashboard of his car in the Shea parking lot.

2. Simmons or Cuban ( I can't remember who) made the best point yet about the NBA dress code: that the League is thinking, "hey, a lot of people out there really don't like black people or the way many of them like to dress, but we want their money too!!!"
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